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Ever thought of writing a book, or perhaps, producing a DVD? Maybe you already have a book or DVD and need help reaching the target audience. We have some tips and information that can help.

Assuming the book is published or the DVD is already produced and presented in a graphically pleasing color package, exposure for you and the products are what you need.

Start with publicity…

Exposure is the single most effective way to create demand for you and your product. A good publicity campaign is invaluable. The more editorial imprints for the program, the sooner consumer credibility can be established for the product.

Since the market has changed significantly over the years, in addition to publicity in magazines and newspapers, there are also Internet magazines and newspapers, newsletters, blogs and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once an article appears in print, it also goes out virally to an entire audience. Local and national radio and television appearances are also streamed on-line with the advent of social and viral marketing. So, there are many facets to promoting your business.

To generate publicity, you will need a press release, and if your budget allows, a press kit. This will consist of hard copies for mailing as well as information to be emailed. You will, also, need a well planned and targeted media mailing list which includes newspapers, magazines, radio, television and Internet.

A press release is usually one or two typed pages about you and your product, or business. It should be compelling and newsworthy, not just a description of the program. Other items that can be included in a press kit are photos of you and the product (300 dpi jpegs for email), select moves from the book or DVD, biographical and background materials, and a copy of the finished book or DVD. Again, copies should be able to be mailed and emailed to the target audience.

Remember, publicity is not the same as advertising. Advertising is a paid form of communication ideas, products or services by you, the identified advertiser. You have control over what you say in the paid ad.

Publicity is any free form of communication, such as a review of the book or DVD, giveaway, promotion, product plug, contest prize, expert quotes, news or editorial feature story that stimulates the demand for the item. With publicity you have little control over the content or placement.

You will need a targeted media mailing list. This list should include writers and reporters for various media outlets that fit your niche; i.e. health and fitness, lifestyle, freelance, parenting, children, senior, general interest, etc. Follow up is essential either by phone or email. Most media outlets will print a call to action for the item mentioned or reviewed, so be sure to include a website for ordering information. Websites should include clear and concise information about the products, biography information on you, and easy ordering.

Other things to remember…

A picture is worth a thousand words. Be sure your title and cover is clear, concise, informative and pleasing to the eye. No gimmicky lines or phrases that mean something special to you. The reader or viewer needs to instantly understand your message. This is especially true for DVD covers since you cannot thumb through a DVD as you can a book. The front cover is most important, since that is the photo that will be seen instantly in magazines and on websites.

Hire a good graphics designer. This should be someone who is expert in the book or DVD field and is familiar with everything that needs to be included on the cover.

Hire a good web designer; someone who can clearly communicate your message and create a pleasant environment for the customer. Again, it is important that the web company understands your message and can offer in-put along the way. The site should be simple and easy to navigate.

The copy for the book, DVD and the website should be consistent to convey your message.

Explore traditional and non-traditional forms of distribution using Internet, direct mail, catalogs, schools, libraries, institutions, downloads, labels, and retail. Work with an expert in the field to point you in the proper direction to explain the terms of the varied markets and distribution agreements. This will help save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Make the most of your networking skills. Listen to the experts and others who are willing to share their knowledge and their pitfalls.

Establish a reasonable budget. Keep production costs low so that there is enough money after production and replication to market yourself and the product.

Replication and printing prices are competitive. Be sure to find the best possible price for minimum quantities. Find a replication company with a customer service representative that makes you comfortable. This person will be your point person.  You need to communicate your needs, have them heard, and get the best possible price and turnaround time for your product. Do not order huge quantities at the beginning. You can always re-order.

Ready to get started? Let us know if we can help! 

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