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Author of
How to Break Into Video Without Going Broke
Co-author of
Marketing Your Special Interest Video

Special Interest Video Consultant of the Year 1995
Home Video Publicist of the Decade Award 1999

The impetus to succeed in an exciting, untested, competitive field has vaulted Ms. McClure to a position of prominence that has no equal in the field of special interest and instructional video. Hers is a familiar name in the environs of the industry. She will “tell it like it is.” If there is the fragment of durability in the work that she appraises, she will recognize its prospects immediately, and start the publicity ball rolling. Her agenda rivals that of most.

As a novice in the video industry, Leslie T. McClure co-founded Norstar, first to offer special interest video as a viable consumer product. Thereafter, she acted as chief operating officer for VideoSchoolHouse, high-powered video distribution company, where she shared in the publication of one of the most unique and successful instructional and entertainment video catalogs yet produced. By successfully promoting all instructional videos brought to her attention, McClure assured herself and her clients a formidable niche in this business. She has established a well-earned relationship with the most prestigious companies; major studios, independent production houses, and well-known publications. Often referred to by her peers as “the queen of special interest video,” Ms. McClure’s devotion to her work is second to none.

“I have learned a lot about the special interest side of the video business since my pioneering days at Norstar and VideoSchoolHouse,” Leslie T. McClure quoted recently. “Hopefully, I will help producers avoid pitfalls, and be able to escalate the success of tapes that may otherwise remain dormant if not exploited through the proper channels,” she continued. That just about sums it up!

411′s presentation of your carefully produced video will go a long way in establishing it as an important new consumer product.


Panelist and Speaker:

  • Special Interest Video Association
  • International Tape Association
  • International Television Association
  • Bay Area Video Makers United Group
  • Publishers Marketing Association
  • American Film Institute
  • Association Informational Media
  • Video Software Dealers Association
  • National Educational Media Network
  • Board of Directors: Association Informational Media

“I would recommend Leslie to anyone in the DVD world who was looking for a good, strong PR person. Leslie’s particular expertise is in promoting and publicizing fitness product, but she’s also adept at publicizing and promoting almost any kind of Special Interest product. She’s very personable with both talent and with clients, is very knowledgeable about her business and is very communicative. You won’t do better than working with Leslie.” Mitch Perliss, RDE & MP

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