• It is of the utmost importance to determine who is going to receive the product. Clearly not all media outlets are appropriate.
  • 411 Video Information has a data base containing over 5000 names. These names are current and former writers and other media outlets associated with our industry.
  • From these names, a list of over 700 active print writers, television producers, bloggers and freelance writers is compiled. This list is then refined to the top names and media outlets who would be most interested in the product and talent. (It should be noted here that 411 Video Information has the most comprehensive list of freelance writers in the industry. These are names that are not found on any lists.
  • All our lists are constantly updated as writers and other occupations change jobs or leave the industry.
  • Final list is compiled.
  • Before the mailing goes out, we take another look at the list to be sure all appropriate names, including niche markets are covered. (For example, media or freelance writers that tend to concentrate on one fitness genre such as yoga might not be considered a good fit for Bootcamp.
  • In addition, our lists are constructed such that mailings can be constructed to provide a concentrated mailing by region, country, state, major city if that is appropriate for an individual product. We are also international in that Canadian media is a major part of 411’s outreach.


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