• In the case of fitness DVDs, our review and assessment takes the form of a careful reading and analysis of the box copy. This enables us to understand the strengths and weaknesses that we have to deal with when pitching the product.
  • Next, we review the content of the DVD. This review is intensive and involves at least three to five viewings over a period of days. A sequence of reviews over a short time period is much better than trying to learn everything in just one sitting. This series of reviews allows the viewer to become totally familiar with the product’s strengths and also any perceived weaknesses that might surface.
  • After extensive review we draft the Press Release. The 411 Video Information press release format is the result of years of feedback from writers in the fitness industry. It is succinct, easy for the reviewer to read and highlights not only the DVD content but the fitness artist presenting it.
  • Once the press release is completed and approved, we initiate the second stage of the program.


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