5 – Round Fury Fitness Revolutionary New Workout APP By Dr. Rick Kattouf II Sports Nutrition Specialist, Author, Conditioning Coach & more…

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5 – Round Fury Fitness

Revolutionary New Workout APP

By Dr. Rick Kattouf II

Sports Nutrition Specialist, Author, Conditioning Coach & more


Greenville, SC – May 1, 2012 – 5 Round Fury Fitness (available on the App Store for only 99 cents, http://www.5roundfury.com) is a workout app that features over 20 trillion unique workout combinations.  Every 1 round consists of 10 exercises, each performed for 60 seconds non-stop with 1 ten second rest between exercises. All workouts are randomly generated which provides the wide variety of workout combinations. Depending upon one’s fitness level and goals, viewers can choose to perform 1 to 5 rounds. The workouts are appropriate for all fitness levels. The app also offers direct contact and email access to its creator, Dr. Rick Kattouf, as well as weekly motivational tips sent from Rick directly to your iPhone or iPad. Rick Kattouf is the CEO/Founder of TeamKattouf, Inc., the author of Forever Fit, host of RX Nutrition, MMA conditioning coach, sports nutrition specialist, ITCA Triathlon coach, motivational speaker and coach to individuals worldwide.


5-Round Fury Fitness is available for a one-time fee of 99 cents. There are no in-app purchases, no subscriptions and no ads. Purchasers have direct email access to ask Dr. Kattouf questions and share their stories. Five levels of achievement can be reached by completing multiple 5-round workouts. Online chats encourage participants to post their accomplishments. The achievement levels are: Apprentice, Ambassador, Veteran, Master and Big Kahuna.


Upon completion of the first workout, viewers will receive a 40 percent off promotional coupon for the 5-Round Fury nutritional supplement on Amazon.com. Other features include: 10 second pre workout countdown so there’s time to prepare for the first exercise, an added countdown beep which is played during the final 5 seconds of each exercise and rest period, and there is also a gaming component to the app. The app connects to the game center on the iPhone/iPad so you can share your workouts with your friends.


About Dr. Rick Kattouf:

Dr. Rick Kattouf is the CEO and founder of TeamKattouf, Inc., www.teamkattouf.com.  He is the author of “Forever Fit” the definitive guide to physical and mental self- improvement through proper nutrition and exercise.  He has contributed articles to Livestrong.com and is in demand as a motivational speaker.  He is a wellness and sport nutrition consultant and practices what he preaches as attested to by his success as an athlete.  He is a three time national age group champion as a duathlete, a four time participant with Team USA as a duathlete, and a four time USAT All-American as a duathlete.  He is a food Psychology coach, Doctor of Optometry, MMACA Conditioning Coach, and ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach.


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