Foundation For Success – Phase 2

411 Video Information’s Foundation For Success – Phase 2

After the successful completion of Phase 1, Establishing an Awareness Wave, 411 Video Information will capitalize on the success demonstrated by the media imprints and continue the branding process. Phase 2 must be developed with input from the client as to what he or she sees as the future personality for the brand. Together 411 Video Information and client will develop plan and course of action that reflects the desires of the client.

Next level exposure may be:

  • Becoming a spokesperson for a major web site.
  • Television exposure.
  • Writing and contributing to major media outlets.
  • Continuing to develop a market for the product and future iterations.
  • Securing a book or DVD deal.
  • Expand the brand.

This course of action must be developed by discussions with the client to determine their wishes and what they consider their strengths to be. Whatever the course of action developed, one thing must be maintained at the outset of phase 2 – Continue the publicity and media process and expand the social marketing platform for consistency and increased brand awareness. This includes:

  • Establish social marketing criteria and charting the information to be disseminated.
  • Client discussions to establish direction of activities.
  • Develop print support materials as necessary.
  • Develop media lists appropriate for client’s objectives.
  • Begin mailings in a phased manner to allow extensive follow up to answer questions and personally discuss client’s strengths as they apply to a particular outlet.
  • Continue to spread the message through all media channels.

Other Activities:

Very often it is necessary to have parallel activity going on at the same time as phase -2 is being pursued. For example: New products may be in the pipeline. In this case 411 Video Information will begin Phase – 1 (The Awareness Wave) for these new products. We will ensure that we do not overlap the new product with phase – 2 activities. The objective will be to build on the brand awareness already established creating an even larger familiarity with the artist and his/her brand.

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